some siiick-ass clips from a bunch of different siiick-ass seshes

Bob Gnarly – backflip in Denver, kf pole jam & gap out to 50-50 attempt, 50-50 Hollywood Bowl ledge, gap out 5-0 in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Mall section:
Zack Phlen
Jon Bunch – Nollie Flip
Grant Patterson – nollie treflip (@ the Santa Monica Mall)
Andrea Soptich (hardflip)
Bob Gnarly 50-50 in SM, ollie in Sunset Blvd
Dave Davis tre rood 2nd angle
Blue bench session:
Dave Davis – frontside flip, tre, & fs heel STOMPED!
Steve Hernandez – bs smith in Venice
Chang – switch fs flip
Richard Villa- nollie heel double set
Zack Phlen: Noseblunt slide, bigspin to fakie